The ART BY MUNGOTM studio crafts original artwork for each stage of the creative process.
Each artistic vision is forged with emotional impact...from the first sketch to the final stroke.

Our showcase projects tell engaging narratives that must be seen to be believed.

Classic pen & ink comic book characters!
Lights! Camera! Illustration!
Our storytelling pushes expectations to the limit and beyond. We proudly embrace
classic film genres from thrillers to westerns for dynamic cinematic effects.

The signature MUNGO style is imbued with dramatic impact. Expressive lines ignite
the action on the page. The studio uses a wide variety of techniques and materials:
  • pencils
  • pen & ink
  • markers
  • charcoal
  • watercolor
  • acrylic/oil paints
  • digital painting
Many of the original drawings in the studio are available for sale. These pieces include
personal work and selected images from the production of showcase projects.
Communicate With the 'Younger' Audience
Some say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at our bold designs and see
if they inspire your child-like wonder for the fantastic. Some of our pictures say things
words never could.
Concept Art: Design for Expansive World Building